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Breeding of Psammophis phillipsi in 2018. By Cesare Colli

Cesare Colli. Another case of cannibalism in Psammophis sibilans? 2016

A case of cannibalism, by Ton Steehouder (2015)

Carlo Comazzi, 2014. Psammophis tanganicus.

The breeding of Psammophis sibilans. Article about the breeding of this snake during the years 2010-2014, by Ton Steehouder.

Two very nice articles about snakes of the genus Psammophis were written by Carlo Comazzi and Cesare Colli, in 2007 and 2008. The 2008 article includes reports of captive breeding.e.htm

Ton Steehouder, 2011. Comparison between parietal pits of one Rhamphiophis rubropunctatus at two moments

Psammophis sibilans swallowed by Malpolon insignitus - and rescued, by Ton Steehouder

Repeated breeding of Psammophis orientalis and some comparison with Malpolon monspessulanus, by Cesare Colli

Herhaalde succesvolle kweek met Psammophis subtaeniatus (1983) / pdf

Repeated successful breeding of the red striped sand snake Psammophis subtaeniatus sudanensis, and some remarks on the 'polishing behaviour' of this species. (1984)

Possible external differences of sex in Psammophis subtaeniatus sudanensis (1986)

Hans van der Rijst - Een geslaagde kweek met Psammophis subtaeniatus (part., 1988)

Een tweede generatie zandslang (1989)

Een geslaagde kruising van Psammophis subtaeniatus en Psammophis sibilans (1991)

Onverwachte en treurig afgelopen kweek met Psammophis sibilans (1994)

Over het poetsen van zandslangen, hagedisslangen en skaapstekers (1996)

Een geval van shock bij Psammophis subtaeniatus

De kweek van Psammophis sibilans (2010-2013)

Unexpected and sadly ended breeding of Psammophis sibilans, with notes on the incubation method and cannibalism (2011)

Feeding accidents.

Hissing Sand Snake (Psammophis sibilans) Caresheet. By Francis Cosquieri.

A copied thread (2014, SA Reptiles) about eggs and hatchlings of an imported wild caught Psammophis from 'northern Angola'.

Individual characteristics of my breeding stock Psammophis sibilans

Cesare Colli. Another case of cannibalism in Psammophis sibilans? 2016




Herhaalde kweek met de hagedisslang

Breeding Malpolon monspessulanus monspessulanus (Montpellier snake), by Cesare Colli


Enige ervaringen met de gevlekte skaapsteker (Psammophylax rhombeatus)

Bert van de Pijpekamp - Een kweek met de gevlekte skaapsteker, Psammophylax rhombeatus

Some short notes about the specimens of Psammophylax rhombeatus I keep from 2011 on.


An r or two. The curious case of the much misspelled genus Rhagerhis. By Ton Steehouder (PDF)



Nicole Tam, Successful breeding of Rhamphiophis rostratus 2018.

Rubbing behaviour

Ton Steehouder. Self-rubbing of psammophiids. Critical remarks on "A Contribution to the understanding of the self-rubbing behaviour in psammophiid snakes (Squamata: Psammophiidae)" by Stéphanie de Pury & Wolfgang Böhme, Salamandra 49(1): 18–30 (2013).

General articles

A case of cannibalism, by Ton Steehouder (2015)

Steehouder,  Ton, 1993. 'Over het verschijnsel kannibalisme bij slangen.' Het Terrarium 11(3):50-59.

Venom of psammophiine snakes

Some critical notes on the dissertation of S. de Pury about the rubbing behaviour of Psammophiid snakes, by Ton Steehouder and Francois-Michel Habersaat. (pdf-file)

Daniele Ripa en Ton Steehouder, Het slangeritueel van Cocullo.

Ranaviruses. By David S. Lee, The Tortoise Reserve

Counting scales

Force feeding / assist feeding, by Martin Habecker and others

Relocation/translocation of 'rescued' snakes