Psammophis trigrammus GÜNTHER, 1865

Common Names Western Sand Snake, Westelike Sweepslang
Synonym Psammophis trigrammus GÜNTHER 1865: 95
Psammophis trigrammus — BAUER & BRANCH 2003
Psammophis trigrammus — MATTISON 2007: 43 
General Medium length, cylindrical, elongate, slender bodied snake with a long tapering tail. Can grow to a maximum of about 1.38 metres. Head is elongate, distinct from neck with a moderately long snout. Eyes are medium in size with round pupils. Dorsal scales smooth, arranged obliquely with apical pits. Ventrals are rounded. Dorsal scale count 17 - 17 - 13 (11). (Clinical Toxinology Resources)
Distribution Namibia, S. Angola, Republic of South Africa (Namaqualand)

Map according to Broadley 2002.

Map from Reptile Database, not a precise distribution map.

Size  It grows to an average length of 1 meter and a maximum length of 1.2 meters (Biodiv. Explorer).
Habitat  It occurs in a variety of habitats including arid scrub and moist savanna.
Food Eats other snakes, rodents, lizards and birds.
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