Hemirhagerrhis kelleri BOETTGER, 1893

  BOGERT (1940) considered H. kelleri as congeneric with H. nototaenia
Description A slim and small snake (up to 400 mm), brown with two creamcolored dorsolateral stripes from the eyes to the tail. Scales smooth.
Common Names Keller's Bark Snake, Striped Bark Snake 
Biology Rather unknown. Diurnal, hides in low bushes, in grass, under trunks, between rocks, hunting for small lizards en their eggs.
Synonym Hemirhagerrhis kelleri BOETTGER 1893: 129
Amplorhinus taeniatus STERNFELD 1908: 244
Hemirrhagerrhis [sic] kelleri — CALABRESI 1927: 54
Hemirrhaggeris [sic] kelleri — SCORTECCI 1929: 272
Hemirhargerris [sic] kelleri — UTHMÖLLER 1942: 40
Hemirhagerrhis kelleri — BROADLEY 1997
Hemirhagerrhis kelleri — LARGEN & SPAWLS 2010: 545 
Distribution S Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, N Tanzania

Type locality: Abdallah = Abdulla, north of Webi Shebeli, Ethiopia.

Trailin found this species in South-Eastern Ethiopia (Borana, Ogaden) at 200-700 m.

Types Holotype: SMF 19906 
Reproduction Oviparous. 
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