Kladirostratus togoensis (MATSCHIE 1893)

Higher Taxa Lamprophiidae, Psammophiinae, Serpentes (snakes) 
Common Names  
  SEGNIAGBETO et al. 2012 separated Psammophylax acutus (Günther, 1888) from Psammophylax togoensis (Matschie, 1893) both on the basis of constant morphological characters, such as the presence of ventrolateral stripes, and of their geographical distribution. 
Keates e.a. 2019 elevated the subspecies to a species.
Synonym Psammophis togoensis MATSCHIE 1893: 171
Rhamphiophis togoensis — WERNER 1897
Rhamphiophis acutus garambensis DE WITTE 1959
Rhamphiophis acutus togoensis — PITMAN 1974
Rhamphiophis acutus togoensis — CHIRIO & INEICH 1992
Rhamphiophis togoensis — CHIRIO & LEBRETON 2007
Psammophylax acutus togoensis — KELLY et al. 2008
Psammophylax togoensis — SEGNIAGBETO et al. 2012
Psammophylax togoensis — WALLACH et al. 2014
Psammophylax togoensis — TRAPE & BALDÉ 2014 
Distribution Ghana, Togo, Central African Republic, northern DRC, and western Uganda (fide Broadley, 1971; Spawls et al., 2002). Occurs at elevations of 4 5 0 –1 , 8 0 0 m . (Keates e.a. 2019)

West and Central Africa, Guinea (Kouroussa), Ivory Coast (Toumodi), Ghana (Brong-Ahafo, Volta), Togo (Centrale, Plateaux), Cameroon (Adamaoua, Nord, Sud-Ouest), Congo (Cuvette, Plateau), W. Central African Republic (S. Ouham-Pendé or N Nana Nambere), NE Democratic Republic of the Congo (Oriental), W. South Sudan (Western Equatoria)a and W Uganda (S Northern, N Western). Probably occurs in Burkina Faso and Nigeria and possibly in Benin.
200-1000 m

Type locality: "Hinterlande von Togo”  

Types Holotype: Zoologisches Museum Berlin, ZMB 13249 
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