Psammophis ansorgii BOULENGER, 1905

Common Names Link-marked Sand Racer 
Synonym Psammophis ansorgii BOULENGER 1905: 113
Psammophis ansorgii BROADLEY 2002 
Distribution Angola (central highlands, elevation 1800 m)

Type locality: Benguela to Bihe, Angola.

Map legend:
- Region according to the TDWG standard, not a precise distribution map.
Description (Type data, additional data from Hellmich 1957) Nostril pierced between 2 or 3 nasals; preocular 1, usually separated from frontal; postoculars 2; temporals usually 2+2+3; supralabials 7, the third & fourth entering orbit; infralabials 9, the first 4 in contact with anterior sublinguals; dorsal scales in 15- 15-13 rows; ventrals 153-160; cloacal shield divided; subcaudals 70-78. Dorsum uniform light grey-brown, pre- and post-oculars yellow, a black-edged yellow stripe on supralabials. Ventrum uniform yellowish- white [from BROADLEY 2002].

Size: up to 555 + 195 = 750 mm.

Boulenger 1905:


Habitat Montane grassland at 1800 m. 
  • Boulenger,G.A. 1905. A list of the batrachians and reptiles collected by Dr. W. J. Ansorge in Angola with descriptions of new species. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7) 16: 105-115
  • Broadley, D.G. 2002. A review of the species of Psammophis Boie found south of Latitude 12 S (Serpentes: Psammophiinae). Afr. J. Herpetol. 51 (2): 83-119


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