Psammophis jallae PERACCA, 1896


Common Names Jalla's Sand Snake 
Synonym Psammophis jallae PERACCA 1896: 2
Psammophis rohani ANGEL 1921
Psammophis longirostris FITZSIMONS 1932
Psammophis jallae — AUERBACH 1987: 167
Psammophis jallae — BROADLEY 1998
Psammophis jallae — BROADLEY et al. 2003: 163 
Distribution NE Namibia, Botswana, NE Republic of South Africa, Zimbabwe, SE Angola, W Zambia, S Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire)  
Types Types: MSNTO R1633, R1871 
Description (108 specimens examined) Nostril pierced between 3 (rarely 2) nasals, upper posterior with a posterior prolongation; preocular 1, in broad contact with frontal; postoculars 2; temporals 1/2+3, 2+2 or 2+3; supralabials 7 (rarely 6 or 8), third & fourth (rarely fourth & fifth) entering orbit; infralabials 9 (rarely 8 or 10), the first 4 (very rarely 3 or 5) in contact with anterior sublinguals; dorsal scales in 15-15-13 rows; ventrals 154-175; cloacal shield divided; subcaudals 84-112. Brandstätter (1995, Fig. 44) has published a SEM micrograph of a dorsal scale from NMZB 7531 from Zimbabwe.
Dark brown to light grey-brown above, uniform, or with the snout and supraoculars paler brown and a pair of pale dorsolateral stripes on scale rows 4 and 5, bordered with black above, there may be a vertebral series of pale spots at the base of each scale; lateral scales usually with pale red-brown to chestnut centres. Supralabials, outer scale row and ventrum white or yellow; anterior infralabials, sublinguals and gulars usually suffused with bluegrey mesially, forming a symmetrical pattern, this dark suffusion may extend onto the throat, which is often suffused with brick red mesially [from BROADLEY 2002].

Synonymy: Van Wallach (pers. comm.). 
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