Psammophis leightoni BOULENGER, 1902

Subspecies Psammophis leightoni trinasalis WERNER 1902 and Psammophis leightoni namibensis BROADLEY 1975 have been elevated to full species status.
Common Names Cape Sand Snake 
Synonym Psammophis leightoni BOULENGER 1902
Psammophis leightoni — BROADLEY 2002
Psammophis leightoni — MATTISON 2007: 111 
Distribution Republic of South Africa (W Cape Province)  

Reptile Atlas of Southern Africa: click here to find a distribution map

Comment Nomenclature: PETERS’ name is a junior homonym of Psammophis furcatus (BIANCONI 1859) = Psammophis punctulatus DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1854.

Distribution: see map in BROADLEY 2002.

Description: (24 specimens examined). Nostril pierced between 3 nasals, upper posterior with a posterior prolongation; preocular 1, in broad contact with frontal; postoculars 2; temporals basically 2+2+3, but with frequent fusions; supralabials 8, fourth & fifth entering orbit; infralabials 10 (rarely 9), the first 4 in contact with anterior sublinguals; dorsal scales in 17-17-13 rows; ventrals 155-169; cloacal shield divided; subcaudals 92-112. Brandstätter (1995, Fig. 45) has published a SEM micrograph of a dorsal scale from NMZB 3570 from the Cape Flats.
Dark brown above, top of head with a yellow stripe along the internasal/prefrontal sutures, most of supralabials, pre- and post-oculars yellow, two yellow bars across back of head. Vertebral scale row with a fine yellow line (often broken up), a yellow lateral stripe passes through scale rows 3 & 4 or fourth only, scales in outer row white at base (Broadley 1983, Fig. 84). The “chain pattern” on the side of the neck is illustrated by Boulenger (1902, pl. xii). Chin with a pattern of black streaks, ventrals with a mottled grey median band, widened at the free edge of each ventral and fading posteriorly [from BROADLEY 2002]. 
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Hunter and Habitat in the Central Kalahari Desert, by George B. Silberbauer:



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