Psammophis rukwae BROADLEY, 1966

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Subspecies Psammophis rukwae leucogaster SPAWLS 1983
Psammophis rukwae rukwae BROADLEY 1966 
Common Names Rukwa Sand Racer, Lake Rukwae Sand Snake
Synonym Psammophis sibilans rukwae BROADLEY 1966: 3
Psammophis rukwae rukwae — BROADLEY & HOWELL 1991: 28
Psammophis rukwae — CHIRIO 2009
Psammophis rukwae leucogaster SPAWLS 1983
Psammophis leucogaster SPAWLS 1983
Psammophis rukwae leucogaster - BÖHME 1986
Psammophis sudanensis leucogaster — TRAPE & MANÉ 2006: 156
Psammophis leucogaster — ULLENBRUCH et al. 2010 
Types Type: BMNH 1980: 261 [leucogaster]
Holotype: NMSR 4212 
Comment Psammophis leucogaster has been described as a full species, but subsequently reduced to subspecific status by Böhme 1986. Some of the earlier Malian records of P. sibilans may be Psammophis rukwae leucogaster (Joger & Lambert 1996). Not listed by SCHLEICH, KÄSTLE & KABISCH 1996.

Etymology (rukwae): Named after the type locality.

Etymology (leucogaster): The species is named in respect of its uniformly white ventral surface.

Diagnosis (leucogaster): A small Psammophis, differing from other known members of the genus by possession of the following combination of characters: 7 supralabials, 17 midbody scale rows, a single anterior temporal scale, an entire anal scale and an unmarked (uniformly white) ventral surface. 
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Pictures A specimen in the Natural History Museum of Denmark.