Psammophis tanganicus

Higher Taxa Lamprophiidae, Psammophiinae, Serpentes (snakes)  
Derivatio  nominis Latijn:   tanganicus = from Tanganiyka  Territory   (= Tanzania)
Common Names Tanganyika Sand Snake, Western Link-marked Sand Racer, Ketten-Sandrennatter, Western Link-marked Sand Snake, Two-striped Sand-snake.
Synonym Afhankelijk van de stand van zaken van de taxonomie en de opvatting van de auteurs daarover komen we deze slangen in de literatuur onder verschillende benamingen tegen, zoals Psammophis biseriatus, Psammophis sibilans, Psammophis biseriatus tanganicus, en Psammophis tanganicus. Depending on the state of the taxonomy and the view of the authors we find these snakes in the literature under different names such as Psammophis biseriatus, Psammophis sibilans, Psammophis biseriatus tanganicus, and Psammophis tanganicus.
Distribution South Libya through Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, North-West Tanzania
Type locality: Mangasini = Kwa Mtoro, Usandawi, Tanzania.  
Types Holotype: MCZ  
Comment see Psammophis biseriatus.  
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Habitat Droog thornbushland tot op ca. 1000 m en zelfs hoger. Dry thornbushland to about 1000 m and even higher.
Article Carlo Comazzi wrote a short report of his keeping of this snake.

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