Psammophylax multisquamis

East African Skaapsteker; Kenyan Striped Skaapsteker

This snake is also described as Psammophylax variabilis multisquamis (LOVERIDGE 1932) and Psammophylax tritaeniatus multisquamis (LAURENT 1956: 234) or Trimerorhinus tritaeniatus multisquamis (LOVERIDGE 1932: 84). See Synonyms in P. variabilis.

Mitochondrial analysis of the DNA: see the website of the European Nucleotide Archive.
A picture of a museum specimen can be found on the site of the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

In 2001 (re)described as a species:
Psammophylax multisquamis SPAWLS et al. 2001
Psammophylax multisquamis CIMATTI 2006 



Picture by Mubarak Atik, in the Facebook group East African Snakes & other reptiles, April 2015. Found in Ngorongoro.